The Thrilling MotoGP Championship

MotoGP Championship
MONTMELO, SPAIN – JUNE 15: Valentino Rossi of Italy and Movistar Yamaha MotoGP rounds the bend during free practice for the MotoGP of Catalunya at Circuit de Catalunya on June 15, 2018 in Montmelo, Spain. (Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

Motogp Championship is one of the premier class motorcycle racing event.  Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) is currently governing body for motorcycle races. Dorna Sports holds the commercial rights to Motogp since 1992.

Motogp championship has started long ago in 1949, since then it is the most awaited motorcycle racing event. Motogp is globally famous and renowned championship event. There are currently 18 countries, which hare participating in this event and four continents are taking part in this motorcycle racing event.

What is Grand Prix?

The Motogp motorcycling event consists of a series of races in each season, which are called Grand Prix.  The Grand Prixes take place on two types of circuits, purpose built circuits and closed public roads. The Grand Prix races have a set of rules that must be followed by each participating team.

The MotoGp has five manufacturers, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Ducati and Aprilia, which are designing the trailblazing automobiles with the cutting edge technology. These automobiles are not allowed for public use.

Motogp Format

The Grand Prix races occur usually on weekends. The two Grand Prixes generally occur two weeks apart, but they sometimes take place at back to back weekends. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the three days on which the entire season take place.

The format of Grand Prix aces consists of three free practices, the qualifying round, and the final race. On Friday, there are two free practices, F1 and F2. The third practice- F3- takes place on Saturday morning. On Saturday evening, the qualifying round come about on the Saturday evening. The warm-up sessions occur on Sunday morning and in the evening there come the exciting and the mega event, the final race.

Classes of Grand Prix Motogp

Currently there are four classes of Motogp. The first three are using the Four-Stroke engines, while the fourth class is using electronic motorcycles.  

  • Motogp.
  • Moto2.
  • Moto3.
  • Moto-E

MotoGP is the highest rank of all the three classes. In MotoGP, all the riders aspire to qualify. MotoGP is the current top division of Grand Prix using 1000cc engines. The second division is Moto2, there 600 CC Four-Stroke engines are used and the minimum age criterion for this is 16 years. The Moto3 is the third level Grand Prix, which is using 250CC engines and the minimum age to join this is 16 years.

Manufacturers in MotoGP Championship

There are five manufacturers, which are providing the newest and advance technological vehicles. In MotoGP and Moto-3 there are various manufacturers, which are designing automobiles for these classes. In Moto2 only two manufacturers are involved, Honda, Triumph. In Moto-E Energica is the manufacturer.

Popularity of Grand Prix Championship

The Grand Prix is one of the most popular automobile racing event on global level. A huge number of global audience wait for this event to take place. More than 80 million people watch Grand Prix races on various platform.

Where to Watch Live Grand Prix

The Grand Prix races can be watched by going to the places where the races take place, but as this event has a huge global audience and it is impossible for each one of them to join the stadium, for such fans there are plenty of opportunities provided by various TV channels and online websites, which are providing the line and high quality Grand Prix streams.

TV Channels Providing Live coverage

A massive amount of TV channels which provide live broadcast of the event. More than 100 high quality cameras are used to provide live International Programme Feed OF Grand Prix. Audience can watch live coverage of the championship on televisions in various regions. Like, Fox Sports Asia in Asia; Network 10, 10 Bold, and Fox Sports in Australia.

Live Online Streaming of MotGP championship

Although, many TV channels are broadcasting the Grand Prix event live in many regions but there are many regions s well where these channels are not functioning due to geo-blocking. For such viewers, the internet is a marvelous blessing because of the huge number of websites, which are streaming the event live and in high quality. These websites have a problem as well, which is that they may usually charge subscription fee and sometimes require VPN.

To avoid such issues there are a few number of websites which are providing free of cost and without VPN streaming of Grand Prix Championship, such as Motogp Stream. This website is providing the whole content free of cost and in HD quality. The viewers living in geo-blocked areas do not need to miss the splendid show, they can simply click on the link and watch live online stream of Grand prix.  


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