4 Ways to Watch The Exclusive Grand Prix MotoGP


The Motogp is a top-tier motorcycle road racing events, which takes place on both purpose built circuits and close public roads. Each season of Motogp event consists of a series of races, which is known as the Grand Prix. The Grand Prix Motogp motorcycle races were started in 1949 and till now it is the pre-eminent sport. Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) sanction Motogp motorcycle events and provide rules and regulations for it. The motogp raceing event has some rules which each participating team must have to follow.

Grand Prix MotoGP

The Grand Prix Motogp races take place usually on weekends. In each season of Grand Prix races there are almost 23 events takes place. The Motogp Grand Prix races came about two weeks apart, but sometimes there are back to back events as well. In Motogp Grand Prix, almost 32 countries have hosted this grand event.

The Grand Prix Motogp motorcycles are manufactured by premier constructors, and there are 6 constructors namely, Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki, Aprilla, KTM and Honda, which are manufacturing these most efficient automobiles. The Grand Prix Motogp motorcycles are not made for public use, these automobiles can only because for this glorious event.

This racing event has marvelous stars, who flabbergast their audience with their marvelous performance. The Grand Prix event is a globally famous and one of the most awaited events in the sports history. It has a huge fan following and a global audience, which anxiously waits for this event. In Grand Prix races, there are only 10 teams, which are allowed to participate in this event. The Grand Prix races are so famous that there are more than 400 million viewers, who watch this game, with the number of audience increasing each day.

The Grand Prix races usually occur on weekends, i.e. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In this race there are number of rounds which each participant must have to participate in. It is a series of practice, qualifying round, warm up, and the raced. There are 3 free practices in Grand Prix Motogp event; namely; F1, F2, and F.

The FI and F2 practices occur on Friday and the F3 practice takes place on Saturday morning. In Saturday afternoon there is a qualifying round. On Sunday morning, there is a war up session and finally on Sunday evening the mega event of race takes place. The Grand Prix races have three classes; Motogp, Moto2, and Moto3. In 2019 a fourth class is also introduced, named MotoE, in which electronic automobiles are used. Motogp is the premier class of Grand Prix, where every participant aspire to reach.

MotoGP Classes

Motogp Premier Class
Moto2Intermedite Class
Moto3The junior class
MotoEElectronic Motorbikes are used
Motogp Classes

As the Grand Prix Motogp race has humongous audience, who vibrantly buy the tickets to watch the nail biting game by going to the ground, but as we know this game is seen worldwide, so to accommodate such audience, the organizers has arranged digital service. The viewers who are unable to approach the ground can watch their favorite show on a huge number of television networks or on online streams.

The Grand Prix Motogp event is broadcasted globally, there is big number of TV channels, which are broadcasting the Grand Prix races like TSN & RDS, Setanta Sports, Mad Sports, etc. You can find out more here. There are more than 100 high quality cameras, which record and live broadcast each and every event of Grand Prix. This is an excellent platform for the viewers who do not have the access to watch the race by going to the grounds.

The Grand Prix MotogP races are broadcasted by TV channels, but these channels are not available around the globe and if a person is travelling and has not the access to his regional TV channel and are not accessible in other region, this is called geo-blocking.

Geo-blocking is not a must phenomenon but it can be one of the possible reasons which can make it impossible to access the channel, so there might be a possibility that the fan can miss the breathtaking game, for such viewers’ internet has played an exceptionally indispensable role. The fans who are unable to access their favorite channel can access them buy using a VPN. In order to used VPN, the user must have to download an appropriate VPN according to his region and location, he should connect the server and then finally he can watch the show.

The VPN usage has a little problem and that is, VPNs are not allowed in all countries they are not legal or there is a possibility that the VPN that you are going to use is not authorized. This may cause a hustle and it will obstruct your way towards the enthralling show. For such users there is a huge number of online available websites, which are providing the high quality content; live and without VPN.

The online websites stream the Grand Prix Motogp races either by charging a few dollars or free of cost like Motogp Streams (http://motogpstreams.com/ ) , Motogp Stream is one of the most prime website which is providing the quality content. The Grand Prix stream on Motogp Stream is live and free of cost, in addition the users do not have to use any VPN to access the content on Motogp Stream. The Grand Prix stream there covers the entire event and provide high quality coherent data for the viewers to enjoy the show of their choice.


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